It’s been a while!

I can feel the fall coming. The days are getting shorter, the morning air is more crisp, and I have had sudden cravings for tomato soup. (I LOVE tomato soup.) The leaves are just starting to change color so I haven’t been able to get any good pictures as of yet. So you will have to be satisfied with a few ¬†pictures of the flowers in our garden.

As I probably mentioned before, we have a rose bush along the side of our house that produces the most beautiful peach roses. In my post about our new house, I posted one of the best pictures I took of the roses. But, I did have a few more pictures that I was quite pleased about. So I decided to post those here.

I love this one.



I went outside after an unexpected shower sometime in late August and I managed to snap some decent photos of the flowers.



This honeybee stayed still for quite a long time.
These flowers are not in our garden; I just thought they were pretty.

For now, that is all from me. Hopefully, I will be back soon with some pictures of the fall!