Summer Flowers II

Well, one month later and here I am.

This post is focused on the flowers that have been flourishing in our garden this summer. Namely, dahlias and zinnias.

We have never had dahlias in our garden. My grandfather has always considered planting them but he has always decided against it as planting dahlias can be rather strenuous. They are annuals which means that at the end of fall, the bulbs must be dug up and saved to plant again the next spring, otherwise they will freeze. However, he finally gave in and planted a few in our front yard.

Unfortunately I only got one decent photo of the dahlias.The others simply weren’t worth posting.


As aforesaid, we also had zinnias in our garden this year. These were planted by my grandfather and my siblings and my oh my, they made our garden look so fresh and colorful. I took many photos of the zinnias that I was very pleased with, which is why I will be posting more of those than of the dahlias.





The best things about the flowers? They attract butterflies.

DSC_0023.JPGAnd June beetles…


Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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