Chicago Botanic Gardens

Today, my family went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens, which gave me the chance to test out my new camera.

Two words: LOVE IT. (Thanks Dad ;))

Anyway, I got about 50 amazing pictures of flowers, landscapes and birds. There was also a pond with lots of ducks and what we thought were bass. (Everyone was imagining those on the grill)  There were quite a few herons there, and I also got a snap of an adorable family of geese. But, I’m only going to attach a few of the best shots…..

Mr. Mallard, as my lil’ bro calls him



There’s the heron




More poppies!



First blog post

Hello and welcome!

I’m Maryam. I love taking pictures so I will be sharing them with YOU. I thought it would be appropriate to start with my favorite picture…(Drumroll please)


Lilies in the Sun! I took this picture 2 years ago on a warm July afternoon. It’s my personal favorite 🙂