Winter Days

Didn’t think you’d hear from me so soon, did you?

Well, last week, we had two days of continuous snow and even though we had a lot of fun, I’m not so sure our plants did. They haven’t bloomed yet and I’m not sure they ever will.

Anyway, the good news is that where I live, our chances of seeing animals in the prairie are more likely when it snows. For instance, the morning after the snowfall, my mother happened to see a coyote slinking along a little behind the fence that separates our backyard from the prairie. I quickly looked out the window to get a glimpse, then while my other family members came to the window to see, I ran to get my camera. I managed to get two or three shots of the coyote before it blended into the tall grass.


The pictures I got weren’t very satisfactory. All you can make out is the coyote’s silhouette. Well, something’s better than nothing, I suppose.

The next morning, I caught sight of three deer grazing a little farther off in the prairie. I caught a few shots and posted the best ones below…



I noticed later, while looking at the pictures, that the deer on the right in the picture above had what appeared to be a nasty looking wound on its side. I didn’t know if the the deer was hurt or if my camera was playing tricks on me. To my knowledge, coyotes don’t usually attack larger animals. I looked it up and found out that the coat  of a white tailed deer changes as the seasons go by. In winter, their coats are a soft gray that is thick to  protect them from the cold, but when the spring comes, their gray coats are shed to reveal a new reddish-brown coat. That made more sense to me. The deer had almost completed shedding, and the gray patch I had thought was a wound was only what was left of its winter coat.

Moving on…

If you haven’t figured it out yet, you should know that I have a slight obsession with taking photographs of the sky. 🙂  Here’s one shot I really like.

Almost like a picture out of a book!

That shade of blue is one of my favorite colors. It’s extremely calming to look at.

Anyway ,that’s all from me. (for now)


Prairie Walks

The weather the past few weeks has been… strange.

For instance, where I live, now is the time when we play in the snow, huddle in blankets, and play board games by the fireplace. Instead here we are, watching the tulips and daffodils peek into the sunlight. (We are hoping they don’t get killed by a sudden frost.)

A couple weeks ago, we had lovely weather, the temperature rising to 70° fahrenheit. So we were finally able to take a walk in the prairie behind our house to see the river. We usually see many ducks and Canada geese swimming in the river this time of year, but when we walked by, we couldn’t see any. I’m not sure why.

Anyway, I brought my camera on the walk (obviously) And I managed to get a few pictures of the river.



I am only adding this picture for the sky. It was such a beautiful blue.


The day before,  we just so happened to catch sight of one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen. The sunsets I have taken pictures of  are usually bright oranges and flaming reds. But this sunset was all pastel colors, pink, peach and light purple. It was like someone had splashed a watercolor set across the sky. Of course the picture doesn’t do justice to the actual sunrise, but oh well. I tried.


That’s all from me! (for now 😏)