Springtime Flowers

I love springtime. The weather is just perfect, with cool breeze and sunshine and of course, the fresh colors springing up. (Pun intended)

Even though we’re now in summer, I never did a post on our spring flowers. First of all, spring came late in Chicago. We had flurries in April and the trees were only starting to bud when we left for the Smoky Mountains. So I decided to do a quick post on our flowers from this spring.

We begin by going back in time to the last week of April, when our magnolia tree bloomed.

Star magnolias, they’re called. The scent is heavenly.


And then, finally when we had given up hope for our daffodils, they bloomed. We headed over to the Morton Arboretum to see the famous daffodil glade. As usual, we were not disappointed.


Tried out a filter.


I have no idea what these are, but aren’t they sweet?

A few more pictures from our trip to the arboretum…

Turtle. 🙂
Fun fact: I have had an unhealthy obsession with pinecones since I was little.

While we were in Tennessee, it rained for two days and on Saturday evening when we pulled into our driveway, tired out from the long drive, we were greeted with these:


When my grandfather said he planted tulips, I thought they would be the plain red ones we’ve always had in our other gardens. What a lovely surprise these were.


And just a week later, our dining room was perfumed with the scent of azaleas from outside the window.


And to conclude, a random picture of a very beautiful dandelion.


Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Springtime Flowers

  1. Good God your tulips are amazing mA…moles have eaten up almost every single tulip in our garden and it is a mournful thing indeed. What is spring without tulips?


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