Summer flowers

Summer’s here!

We’ve had a lot of rain this summer (in fact, it’s raining right now) and it’s beautiful outside. I love summer rains. Everything is lush and flowers cover the bright green grass like jewels spilt over the earth.

So this is a relatively short post as we haven’t really had the chance to go out in the last month, but I decided to post a few photos of the flowers from our garden.

My grandfather planted clematis on the side of our house and the flowers bloomed in the last few days of May. They were so large and vivid.


It took me quite a few tries to capture the natural color of the flower. Because it had just rained, the lighting was messing around with me.

Our rhododendrons bloomed around the same time as the clematis. Again, they didn’t last long, but they were just as bright.


The colors of both flowers were so brilliant, especially in the rain. With raindrops on their petals, they looked as if they glowed in the returning sunlight.

And finally, our Saskatoon berry tree produced berries once again. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to make anything with them this year and the birds ate most of them, but the ones we managed to save tasted as good as ever. (You can see the pie my sister and I made last year here.)



That’s all from me for now.

Thank you reading and enjoy the last few days of June!

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