I’m back!

Now, I know I said that my next post would be about autumn leaves, but honestly, this autumn has disappointed me greatly. All of October was warm and sunny, and it started getting chilly only about two weeks ago. The autumn colors, (which I was so looking forward to) were equally disappointing. Oh, we had a few trees here and there that were very beautiful, but it wasn’t as beautiful as last year.


Posting for the sky. 🙂

However, we did get a lovely surprise. In the summer, one of our neighbors gave my grandfather a few little plants. They honestly looked rather sad, but my grandfather planted them against the wall of our garage. They grew pretty fast; by September, they were taller then me! Sometime in mid-October, they started to produce flowers.



We were a little surprised that the flowers had bloomed so late in the year, but I suppose it made sense since we were having such warm, sunny weather.

Anyway, one afternoon, I noticed that the vines were attracting butterflies and bees. I know, it’s crazy. Butterflies in October? But, there they were.

I think this is a Painted Lady.



And that’s all from me. (For now)

Have a wonderful day!