Saskatoon Pie

A couple months ago, our family moved to another house.

We’ve been busy the last few months, trying to organize the house and get the garden in order. My grandfather planted some flowers along the side of the house and we’ve been trying to de-weed the backyard. (We haven’t been very successful)

But that’s not what this post is about. Today, I’m writing about a special tree we discovered in our backyard. A Saskatoon tree.

We didn’t know what type of tree it was at first. But sometime in June, we noticed lots of berries growing on the tree. We all assumed they were poisonous and we were constantly reminding my brothers not to eat them.  Then, a few weeks later, a friend of my mother’s came to visit. While we were giving her the tour, she stopped at the tree and said, “Oh, these are Saskatoon berries!” We had never heard of them. She pulled out her phone and found a picture of Saskatoon berries. They seemed to be the same berries, so we each tried one and were pleasantly surprised to be alive after a few hours.

The berries look like blueberries, but have the tart aftertaste of an apple.

So, we decided to make a pie.

We found a recipe, made a pie crust, and picked all the berries. We probably should have picked them sooner, because most of the berries were dried out. However, we got just enough berries to make a small pie.



I think it turned out quite well.
Not the best picture… Oh well.

And…. that’s all from me.

Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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