Lilacia Park

Here are some of the pictures I took on our most recent outing to Lilacia Park.

Now, lilacs are some of the loveliest flowers I know of. (I have been saying that about a lot of flowers lately) They smell beautiful and they are just so delicate.

If you have never been to Lilacia Park, let me give you a little background information.  Lilacia Park was started by Colonel William Plum and his wife, Helen. They were both enraptured by the lilacs and started to cultivate two lilac bushes. However when the Colonel’s wife passed away, his interest in his estate vanished and he offered his collections for sale. However, his offer was shot down when people told him that the lilacs should remain in their original location. When the Colonel passed away some three years later, he stated in his will that the estate be given to the local people as a public park.

When we went, most of their flowers were in full bloom. Now, Lilacia Park is full of tulips. (Most of my pictures are of tulips.) But they are all different colors so wherever you turn, there are gorgeous splashes of color. On to the pictures!

If you stand by the lilacs and just breathe, the scent could just overpower you. It is beautiful.


I have never seen tulips like this before. It looks like someone painted flames on the petals.
I loved the color combinations.


Another unique tulip.


That’s all from me. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Lilacia Park

  1. Oh good old Colonel Plum!
    I have a funny story about lilacs: So, our lilac bushes are in bloom too and as I was meandering past them one day I decided that it would be cute if I sent my penpal a sprig. So I broke off a tiny branch and took it inside. I placed it between two pieces of paper towel and searched for a heavy book to stick my sprig in so that it would dry and flatten out. My eyes landed on my AP bio textbook and thought that would be a good idea. So I sandwiched the flowers in between the pages of my bio book and then dumped my Economics book on top of the bio book for extra weight. Well, a few days later I decided to go return one of my textbooks at school and guess which book I returned. My bio book, lilac sprig and all! I guess someone will be pleasantly surprised next year to find a mini bouquet while they suffer through reading assignments!


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