Rainy Days

Good news- our daffodils have bloomed!

Yes, they aren’t as plentiful as they have been, but something’s better than nothing, right? Our tulips also came out pretty well, but again, not as well as last year.

A couple weeks ago, we had pouring rain continuously for about 5 days. During the moments when the rain would cease for about a hour and then continue again for another couple of hours, I went outside with my siblings and we did the normal rainy day games. (Floating leaves in puddles, poking at earthworms, and so forth) Then I remembered (for once in my life) that this was the perfect opportunity to get pictures of raindrops on plants. I always loved those pictures, but I either never got any good ones, or I would forget to take pictures when it rained. 🙂 So I managed to get a few shots of the raindrops resting on the leaves of our columbines.

This is my favorite shot out of the ones that I took.


The sky just after a heavy downpour.

The day after the rain had stopped, I went to walk in the prairie with my sister and a couple of friends. We had an interesting time getting through the walkway….


We ended up walking on the grass. Our shoes did get a little muddy, but it was a lot of fun.

Now, I didn’t get any good daffodil pictures, but I did want to post at least one picture of them. So I chose this one.


And here’s one of the tulips…

I love when the sun shines on tulips. It looks like they’re glowing.

Our hyacinths have also come out. If you don’t know, hyacinths are one of the loveliest smelling flowers I know of.


Well, that’s all from me. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Up next: Pictures from our trip to the Morton Arboretum.

2 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. Don’t you absolutely love rainy days?
    I’m glad your flowers are coming up nicely! Our tulips are all stunted because of the weird weather earlier this year, and many of the tulip bulbs are missing entirely due to some stealthy deer that come at night. We know they’re deer because they’re not so good at hiding their footprints in the soft mud. Oh well, they need to eat too, right? 🙂


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