About 3 years ago my grandfather planted some fruit trees in our backyard. He planted a pear tree, a cherry tree, two apple trees, a plum tree, and two peach trees. The pear tree and the apple trees gave fruit the same year they were planted. The peach trees took a little longer but we had our first harvest this year.

And boy, did we harvest.

We actually didn’t get to see how big they could get because a really big storm came and broke the branch with the most peaches, so we had no choice but to pick them or the animals would eat them. (Check my other blog post for that really cute squirrel) We had about thirty peaches in all and they were small and still kind of unripe so we couldn’t eat them plain. A couple days later while we were wondering what on earth to do with so many peaches, my mom’s friend came to visit. She is an astounding baker. (like, over the moon astounding. Her pistachio cake. So good) And she gave us the idea to make peach cobbler. I’ve made peach cobbler before at camp over a fire with a cake mix and it was pretty good so we decided to give it a shot. We made two peach cobblers and both of them were amazing.

Moving on to the pictures. I thought it would be cool to post pictures of the peaches from garden to table πŸ™‚





This was the biggest they became before the storm.



So good with ice cream. πŸ™‚

Peace out. 😎

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